Unexpected Retreat of Separatists Raises Questions, Says Estonian Diplomat ({{commentsTotal}})

The mass retreat of pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine from a number of cities was unexpected and raises questions, says Estonian diplomat in Kyiv, Roman Vinartšuk.

Speaking to ERR radio by telephone today, Vinartšuk said the situation in the eastern part of the country remains hazy.

“The current Ukrainian army is not directly involved with the conflict or the battles,” he said, adding that the national guard, consisting of volunteers, is fighting for the Ukrainian government.

Vinartšuk said it remains unclear why the separatist left the cities without giving battle. He said he is not sure which is better, to tie up the separatists in smaller cities or in one larger central location.

People's mood has been lifted by the election of Petro Poroshenko and there is more hope, Vinartšuk said. The latest military developments have given the national guard more confidence and experience.