Latvian Public Broadcasting Launches English-Language News Service ({{commentsTotal}})

The Public Broadcasting of Latvia, LSM, launched an English-language news website at the beginning of July, similar to ERR News.

Chief editor Mike Collier, well-known to ERR News readers, told ERR News today that the idea for the service was cooked up a year ago ahead of the nation's turn to hold the EU Presidency in the first half of 2015. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Latvian media backed the project.

Speaking about the timing, Collier said the idea surfaced before the Ukraine crisis, but the Baltics have a lot to offer the West in analyzing the events and offering predictions.

“We are trying to reach people who have a temporary interest in Latvia, and we try to hold on to them,” Collier said, adding that he hopes the project will not be shut down after the presidency is over.

“We are trying to keep it short and sweet until we have more bodies (currently the office consists of two full-time staff members, with others in LSM helping out). We aim to fill in the blanks of what Latvians already know, but foreigners don't,” he said, such as explaining historical context.

Visit the LSM News site here.