Rõivas Still Avoiding Interviews With TTV ({{commentsTotal}})

After Tallinn Television (TTV) joined the press council recently, it is now allowed back to the government's press conferences, but Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas is still refusing to give interviews to the channel.

Even though TTV's membership with the press council will not automatically guarantee its unbiased behavior, members of the public now have a possibility to seek rebuttal of false statements, Rõivas said at the government's press conference today, adding that hopefully, the channel will embrace journalistic ethics.

However, the Prime Minister went on to say that it does not solve the bigger problem, namely that TTV is a publicly funded channel that essentially produces propaganda for the Center Party, which is why Rõivas refuses to give interviews to TTV.

Rõivas banned the station from government press conferences in late June, tweeting: “all journalistic outlets are welcome to the conferences, but calling Tallinn TV journalism would be an insult to journalism.”

He came under critcism from his party colleagues and pundits alike, leading him to backtrack and say the channel will be allowed back in if it joins the Press Council on July 4, which it did.