Mosquito Season Over, Says Academic ({{commentsTotal}})

The culprit
The culprit Source: Photo: AP/Scanpix

The most dreaded creature of the Estonian summer, the mosquito, is keeping a low profile instead of terrorizing the thousands who head to their country homes each weekend.

Urmas Tartes, of the University of Life Sciences in Tartu, said that mosquitoes are unlikely to be numerous this year. He told Postimees today that the warm winter, followed by a dry spring, wreaked havoc to mosquito growth this year, and their heyday this year is over in any case.

Some varieties of mosquitoes may still make a return to the skies he said, but they will not come in great numbers, and even in the damper forests in the country, mosquito numbers are low.

Most Estonians have summer homes, due to the fact that until 100 years ago, the vast majority of Estonians lived in rural areas and not in towns. Mosquitoes are seen by many to be the biggest drawback to spending summers in the countryside after mobile broadband gained mass popularity.