Laaneots: Russia Might be Fearing the Collapse of Separatists ({{commentsTotal}})

Gen. Ants Laaneots
Gen. Ants Laaneots Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Retired General Ants Laaneots said Russia is unlikely to enter Ukraine in force, but the nation will not calm down in the near future.

He told Delfi on Monday it will be hard to attain who fired the shell into Russian territory on Sunday, killing one person, as it might also have been separatists, trying to provoke Russia.

All Russia's military ventures have resulted from similar provocations, Laaneots said, adding that, for example, the Soviet Union fired artillery shells at its own border guard station in 1939, blaming it on Finns to justify the Winter War.

It is clear Russians will not back off and will seek to destabilize Ukraine in any way possible, and delay military activity, and the reason for mobilizing forces on the border could lie in the fact that Russia fears the separatists are weakening, he said.