Beer Taking Over the Beaches ({{commentsTotal}})

Only two weeks have passed since a controversial law which now permits alcohol consumption in public came into effect, and overly eager beer-drinkers have already set up shop at many of Tallinn’s public beaches.

Security company G4S Estonia, insists Tallinn city government set limits to public drinking, as allowed by the law. G4S said it hopes to see local authorities restrict alcohol open container consumption at public beaches, due to the growing number of problems ignited by the new alcohol law.

G4S Estonia manager Henry Seemel said in a letter wrote to the city government that alcohol consumption near children and public disturbance are only one side of the problems currently plaguing beach areas.

“Beverages in glass containers often end up shattered in sand or in water, granted this issue has been prevalent in Tallinn for years,” Seemel said.

Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Kalle Klandorf said to Postimees that public consumption-restrictions will not be imposed this beach season.

“In any case, whatever the decision, it will be dealt with the next year”, Klandorf said. “The new law has been in motion only for two weeks, hence there is a problem of making any objective conclusions of possible consequences this soon.”