Largest Dairy Farm in Estonia Now Open ({{commentsTotal}})

Hundreds of cows were moved to a new farm in Järva County, which will eventually house 2,200 cows, making it the largest dairy complex in Estonia.

“They have a lot of room, air, light and water. I believe that is the most important thing for cows,” Pille Palumaa, the head of cattle breeding at Väätsa Agro, the company behind the farm, told ETV on Wednesday.

Margus Muld, the head of Väätsa Agro, said the new farm uses only the most modern technology, which has been brought over from the United States and Canada.

He said four staff members are now able to milk 400-450 cows each hour and manure will be recycled. The heat from milk will be used for floor heating.

Muld said the company has bigger plans, including turning the new farm into Europe's largest.