Estonian Police Patrolling Alongside Latvians at Positivus ({{commentsTotal}})

The popular music festival Positivus will begin Friday and run though this weekend in Latvia, and like other years, the Estonian police will be lending a helping hand to their southern neighbors.

Many Estonians take part in the festival which is held in Salacgrīva, Latvia, a few kilometers south of the Latvian-Estonia border, along the Via Baltica highway south of Pärnu.

The Head of Häädemeeste police station in Pärnu county , Rauno Lensment, said most problems encountered year after year are easily preventable. “The main issue is lost items. We suggest when going to the festival to leave all valuables and unnecessary documents at home. Valuable items brought to the festival should be at arms reach at all time to avoid any inconveniences,” Lensment said.

Festival visitors should also carry exactly the amount of money they believe they will need, and not a cent more, because cash is a popular theft item.

“This year the festival grounds have a secure storage unit, which we recommend to keep you valuables safe. We would also like to remind that Salacgrīva is on a neighboring country's territory, which means that all vehicle drivers need to have a driving permit as well as a vehicle registration documentation. As a border crossing is on route, an ID card or a passport is mandatory. Also all drivers should be mindful of random checks on the border”, Lensment said.

In addition to laws of Latvia, the festival organizers have set their own rules for the event.

"Our Latvian collegues take border control and drug checks with utmost seriousness and a tourist status will not lessen any breach of law,” Lensment said.

Positivus, is the largest music festival in the Baltics and is growing bigger year-by-year, even for Estonians. This is the third year when Estonian police will be present.

The festival's website is here