Estonian Businessman Accused of Illegalities in Ukraine ({{commentsTotal}})

Real estate businessman Hillar Teder, heavily involved in Ukraine, has been accused illegally taking over businesses in Ukraine during the Viktor Yanukovych era, with Teder saying the accusers getting their story the wrong way around.

A business oversight committee at the Ukrainian parliament said many businessmen were forced to hand over control of their companies when Yanukovych was in power, and the committee has received 78 such reports in two months, including at least one concerning Teder.

The case concerns a mall in Kyiv, which Teder offered to a Russian businessman, only to sell shares to others. According to the committee, Teder paid 1.5 million US dollars (1.1 million euros) to the state to ensure he had the legal rights, promising to pay a further 15 million dollars (11 million euros).

Teder told ETV on Wednesday that his company had also made a complaint to the oversight committee, and documents proving that his opponents had bribed high-level judges have been published.

He said his opponents are counter-attacking him and trying to abuse the chaotic situation in Ukraine.