No Estonian Citizens on Flight MH17; Estonian Air to Continue Flights to Kyiv ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Air's CRJ900 NextGen
Estonian Air's CRJ900 NextGen Source: (Photo: Estonian Air)

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed today that there were no Estonian citizens on board the Malaysia Airline flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, which was allegedly shot down by separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said the crash is a great tragedy and all details about it must be uncovered first.

Estonian Air has no plans to halt its service to Kyiv, with board member Indrek Randveer saying no Estonian Air flight flies over eastern Ukraine, and the closest its aircraft come to that area is 700 kilometers, Postimees reported.

Randveer said they are in contact with and follow the advice of the Foreign Ministry, the Civil Aviation Administration and international organizations, adding that the number of passengers flying from Tallinn to Kyiv has dropped since the crisis began and the company is reviewing flight schedules.

Estonian Air currently flies to Kyiv five times per week.