Saaremaa Briefs: Capital Town Ponders Car-Free Center, Geopark Vies for Int'l Status ({{commentsTotal}})

One of the main planks in Kuressaare's ruling coalition's platform is to banish cars from the city center of Saaremaa's capital, a daily reported.

Negotiations with property owners around the central square are reported to be making progress, MeieMaa said.

The island town of some 13,000 has a well-preserved historical center with predominantly low wooden buildings.

Mayor Hannes Hanso says solutions are being explored and that city planners from abroad are due to visit the town in August to advise on the topic.


An island geopark wants to be included on a UNESCO list of 100 such sites.

Saaremaa was visited on Saturday by experts from China and Germany who are expected to advise MTÜ Saarte Geopark, a Saaremaa NGO, on whether it is feasible, ERR radio reported.

Academician Anto Raukas, who accompanied the experts on their fact-finding trip said that to be included, the park has to have at least one internationally geologically significant feature, and that the Kaali meteorite site could meet the criterion. The limestone cliffs as well, while not as high as in other areas of the country, contain nearly all Silurian fauna groups, he said.