ERR in Moscow: Russia Blaming MH17 Crash on Ukraine ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Public Broadcasting's man in Moscow says Russian President Vladimir Putin and the pro-Kremlin media are all pointing the finger at Ukraine.

Correspondent Anton Aleksejev told ETV on Friday that Russian media has put forward two scenarios for the events, in which the first was that a young Ukrainian government soldier unknowingly pressed a button to fire the missile, with the Russian media saying the Ukrainian defense ministry had promised to send anti-air missiles to the area in case of an attack by Russian aircraft.

The second possibility for the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 being put forward by Russian official circles was that Ukrainian forces were aiming at Putin's plane, which was scheduled to fly over the area at the same time.

“Putin immediately uttered a very strange sentence that whatever actually happened, Ukraine is to be blamed as it happened in its airspace,” Aleksejev said.