Only US Can Influence Russia, Says Estonian Expert ({{commentsTotal}})

Political scientist Karmo Tüür said only the United States is bold enough to put pressure on Russia.

He told ETV on Saturday that the sanctions against Russia have so far been more symbolic, adding that sanctions with real force could be implemented now.

Russia's economy is reaching a critical limit, and if anyone can bring about changes in Russia, it would be a dissatisfied society, Tüür added.

Both the US and the EU rolled out new sanctions last week before the crash, and EU foreign ministers are set to meet again this week to discuss the topic.

He said both Russia and the separatists, and the Ukrainian government are using the same video footage in their propaganda war, only with different texts. He said the videos of a Buk air-defense system moving is shown by both sides, with the pro-Kremlin media saying the system is moving back towards Kyiv.

The fate of the separatists depends on supply lines with Russia, with Tüür saying the separatists have said openly that their activity is wholly dependent on the weapons and men arriving from Russia.