Estonia Ready to Participate in MH17 Investigation ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia is prepared to send a team of experts to identify the remains of the 298 people who died in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash last week.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said on Twitter on Saturday that the Estonian Police and Border Guard has offered experts, and Estonia has also advised the Netherlands and the OSCE that it is ready to assist if needed.

Estonia is ready to send a seven-man team, consisting of five DVI (Disaster Victim Identification) experts and two people from the Estonian Forensic Science Institute.

“In such events with very strong consequences we find that it is imperative to conduct a speedy and thorough investigation on the ground and to identify the victims. If our help is needed the team is ready to set off at the first opportunity,” Priit Pärkna of the Police Board said.