No Alternative to e-State, Says Expert ({{commentsTotal}})

One of the architects of the Estonian state e-services, Andres Kütt, said there is no reasonable alternative to developing e-government services.

“The e-state is one of only a few possibilities for Estonia to survive in a situation where our population is small, declining and scattered, and there are few natural resources,” Kütt, an adviser to the State Information Authority, said at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his alma mater.

The solution to that problem, according to Kütt, lies in how well Estonia builds, gives meaning and contains the architecture behind the e-services.

He said without a holistic approach to technology it is difficult to innovate, communicate or evaluate the impact e-services have on democracy.

Estonia's experience in creating such a state-wide system can be used everywhere where it is necessary to coordinate many units or organizations, all of which have a different part to play.