Estonian Artist Opens Installation With Maidan Reference in St. Petersburg ({{commentsTotal}})

The artist who took on the Bronze Soldier controversy at the Biennale di Venezia five years ago has opened an installation in St. Petersburg that refers to Maidan and the power of the public square in transforming societies.

Kristina Norman's "Souvenir" consists of a sculpture, guided tour and video and is part of Manifesta 10 public art program curated by Joanna Warsza.

The sculpture, positioned on Palace Square, is in the form of a Christmas tree, which she says depicts the square as the sensitive center of discourses and changes in post-Soviet society.

"The idea came from the unfinished Christmas tree from Maidan in Kyiv," reads the writeup on the European Biennial of Contemporary Art page. "The placing of the tree in full summer might seem unusual, as is the current alarming political situation of the escalating conflict, growing distrust and aggression. The tree, which is usually associated with family gatherings and love calls up for ceasefire and peace, rather than nonsensical construction of one-sided truths."

Starting from 2009's "After War" in Venice, Norman has made a name for herself exploring current events and the recent past. 2014 marked the premiere of a film she co-directed with Meelis Muhu on the unrecognized Transnistrian Republic.