Russian Officials Own Property in Estonia, Despite Impending Ban ({{commentsTotal}})

Business daily Äripäev has compiled a list of Russian officials who own property in Estonia, even though the Russian government is taking a harder line on foreign asset ownership, including a proposal to ban foreign real estate holdings altogether.

Around 500 Russian officials, including MPs, ministers and judges, own real estate abroad, with Bulgaria the favorite destination with 176 officials owning property there, while that number is 10 for Estonia, Äripäev reported on Monday.

The most notable officials are:

Irina Voloshko, Moscow city center district government, land 3,705 m2

Mikhail Kruk, deputy regional development minister, land 255,600 m2

Tatyana Lebedeva, Volgograd local council member, real estate 175 m2 and land 1,057 m2

Yelena Strashnova, MP, real estate 66 m2