New Bill to Hand More Power to PM in National Defense ({{commentsTotal}})

A draft law currently circling ministries for comments could renew the structure of which government institution is responsible for planning and execution of defense.

The bill, is passed, will give the Government Office responsible for planning state defense. The bill would also give the Prime Minister increased powers during a declared state of war or a state of heightened defense readiness.

An attack against the leaders of Estonia will be considered an attack against Estonia, and the President can be replaced by not only the Speaker of Parliament, but also the Speaker's deputies. The Prime Minister will have more freedom to pre-appoint temporary successors from the Cabinet, in case of death.

The new bill would also give government the right to adjust the state budget by up to 10 percent without the permission of the Parliament, make it easier for foreign troops to participate in military operations on Estonian territory on the invite of the Estonian government.