ESTCube Team to Study Urbanization ({{commentsTotal}})

The team responsible for the ESTCube satellite have began work on a new method to study urbanization, named the Copernicus Urban Development Analyzer (CUDA).

The aim is to combine satellite pictures and information from mobile phones to better map the development of cities, Eesti Päevaleht reported today.

The Sentinel-1 satellite will begin taking pictures for the team from next week, and the information could be ready to be sold in a few years.

Kaupo Voormansik said the urban population will expand from 3.6 to 6.3 billion people in the next 2-3 decades, and the information gathered by his team could help organizations and governments to make better informed decisions.

While satellite pictures will map the expansion of cities, data from mobile phones will give a more precise overview of the population.