Savisaar: 'Neither Pro-Russian Nor Pro-Ukrainian' on MH17 ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar
Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Center Party leader and Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar, whose views on the Ukrainian conflict have been under scrutiny since taking a neutral-seeming stance amid a trip to Moscow in March, told a paper in Viljandi that he is not choosing sides in the matter of the Malaysian Airlines disaster in Ukraine, either.

Emphasizing that the most important thing in his view was that the hostilities come to and end and the sides return to the negotiating table, Savisaar sidestepped a question about responsibility for the missile strike on the airliner.

"I am not in favor of either Russia or Ukraine on this question. I would really like to hope that objective experts give an answer," Savisaar told Sakala.

Savisaar was in Viljandi for the opening of an exhibition marking the 25th anniversary of the Popular Front, an Estonian independent movement he co-founded.