Tüür: Russia Could Be Named as a Supporter of Terrorism ({{commentsTotal}})

If the European Union were to name separatists fighting the Ukrainian government as a terrorist organization, and if it could be proved that Russia is aiding the fighters, Russia could be listed as a nation supporting international terrorism, political scientist Karmo Tüür said.

He told ETV on Thursday that the first step the EU should take is to stop military technology corporation with Russia. “It is an idiotic situation where weapons are sold to a side, which is in essence fighting against Europe and its allies, and uses its weapons to accidentally shoot down a passenger aircraft.”

The step to name the separatists as terrorists could be taken by the European Union, Tüür said, adding that itself would have little significance. If it were to be proven that Russia is supporting the separatists, then Russia would automatically be listed as an aid to international terrorism, which would be a very serious political move.

He said he does not agree with Merle Maigre, the security adviser to the Estonian President, after she said the crisis is moving to an end-game. Tüür said the end will only be visible once Ukraine has regained control over its border with Russia, stopping the flow of arms and men.