The Weekend Weather: 30 C and Increasing ({{commentsTotal}})

Temperatures are expected to hit 30 C today and climb even higher over the weekend.

According to the Estonian Weather Service, temperatures will not have the chance to drop much during the night and the current heatwave is expected to last at least until the middle of next week.

A high pressure area should move in on Saturday, although it will have little impact as daytime temperatures are likely to range between 28 and 32 C across the nation, with nighttime temperatures going as high as 19 C in coastal areas, slightly cooler elsewhere.

Sunday could see a slight chance of rain, mainly on the islands and wind speeds should pick up, but temperatures will remain between 28 and 32 C, climbing down to between 16 and 21 C during the night.

Similar weather is expected for most of the next week.

ERR News will be expecting to report complaints from the public about the unbearable heat, having been flooded with reports of complaints over temperatures being too low during the previous 11.5 months.