Estonia Leads World in Proportion of Wikipedia Editors ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia's number of active Wikipedia editors is five times greater per capita than in the English-language world.

The figure for Vikipeedia, the Estonian-language version of the online, user-edited encyclopedia - - is 105 per million, compared to 21 for the English-speaking world, according to a recently published innovation index.

Estonia placed 24th in the world in the rankings compiled by Cornell University, the World Intellectual Property Organization and INSEAD, an international graduate business school. But it led all countries in one category: the number of entries and submissions in the vernacular edition of the encyclopedia.

The number of Wikipedia submissions was one of 84 criteria used to compile the rankings, alongside such traditional gauges as press freedom and spending on education.

In particular, Estonia stood out with a high proportion of editors who contribute (in the form of an article submission or correction) at least five times a month, Mari Vallik of the non-profit MTÜ Wikimedia Eesti told

There are around 100 active editors in Estonia, but the non-profit says the people who pitch in to add photos and supplement the encyclopedia in annual translating events should also be factored in, the non-profit representatives said.

Estonians have been producing roughly 11,000 articles per year, and reached a total of 100,000 topics in 2012. There are now about 125,000 entries.