Pskovian Officials Briefed on Estonian Waste Management Techniques ({{commentsTotal}})

Regional dialogue continues amid the deep freeze. Today, the Parliamentary Environmental Affairs Committee is hosting a delegation of Pskov city officials to introduce the Estonian system of waste management to the Russian side.

The focus is on waste incineration schemes and waste-to-energy plants.

Committee chairman Rainer Vakra says environmental problems know no political boundaries. "For example, the leachate from the city rubbish tip in Pskov pollutes Lake Peipus. Thus it's to be welcomed that Pskov municipal leaders are taking an interest in appropriate waste handling solutions."

The committee has in the past discussed ecological problems confronting the Narva River and the Peipus watershed.

Today's meeting will provide new impetus for resolving problems in southeastern Estonia, the committee said in a statement.

The delegation is led by Pskov Mayor Ivan Tsetserski, and three other officials. They were also expected to visit the Ragn-Sells WTE plant and Eesti Energia's Iru incineration unit today.