Ebola Spread to Europe and Estonia Unlikely, Say Health Officials ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia and Europe should be safe from the Ebola virus, which has claimed over 700 lives in western Africa, and if it does arrive here, it can be contained.

“The likelihood of the import of the disease into Europe is very low, and if we look at Estonia, then it is even lower. Estonia does not have strong trade or travel connections with the nations hit by the virus,” Martin Kadai, an adviser at the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs, told ETV on Thursday.

He said there is a theoretical chance of the virus arriving in Europe, but it will not spread like it has in western Africa due to the high level of the health services.

Matti Maimets, a doctor of infectious diseases, said anyone who has been in areas affected by Ebola in the past two to 21 days and feels a sudden fever, headaches, sore throat or weakness must see a doctor immediately.

Iiris Saluri, of the Health Board, said health workers have been informed about dealing with patients who have recently traveled to nations hit by the virus.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are no Estonians in African states such as Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia. According to their records, there is one person in Nigeria, where an outbreak is yet to be made official.

Helena Nõmmik of the ministry said that list might not be final, as it is not mandatory to register at the ministry before a trip.

The virus broke out recently in all three nations. It has no vaccine or cure, with a fatality rate of 90 percent. The virus spreads through human contact of bodily fluids.