After a Frustrating Day in Traffic, Tallinn Officials Say Worst of Congestion Is Resolved ({{commentsTotal}})

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Tallinn city officials have claimed partial victory over traffic gridlock, which came to a head Monday as trucks and overheated commuters snarled the city center.

Monday - the first day that tram service was suspended for a major overhaul - started with congestion due to road maintenance contractor schedule overruns, the city said, and evening rush hour brought even worse traffic jams.

Ergo Tammel, the chief specialist of the city transport department, told today that efforts were made to map the problems and most of them had been resolved.

"Today, having personally driven all of these segments, the situation is a good ways better," Tammel said.

Commuters have also adapted and planned their routes accordingly, he said.

The large number of trucks in the city center was cited by another transport department official, Talvo Rüütelmaa, as the root cause of Monday's evening congestion.

Detours were not implemented completely, and as a result many trucks still had to use segments of Narva maantee, which runs northeast from the city center, past the port area.

Officials advise using the Skoone bastion route or Tartu maantee and avoiding Freedom Square and the Narva maantee segment before the Russalka memorial at all costs.