Rummu quarry becomes online hit ({{commentsTotal}})

The tech site Gizmodo has profiled one of the more evocative locations in Estonia, Rummu quarry.

With its lost/sunken world aesthetic and stark relief, the place has become a popular destination for a day trip from Tallinn and has been frequented by movie location scouts (think Andrei Tarkovsky inspired sci-fi).

And it's popular with scuba drivers, who have called it a veritable underwater museum. Its concentration of industrial infrastructure below the water line necessitates special caution, though, and a pall was cast by the death of an unlicensed amateur diver in the quarry on the last weekend of July, making the local news.

As the writeup on Gizmodo notes, the area is a former open cast worked by forced laborers in the Soviet period.

Drone footage by Sven-Olof Englund, posted by Gizmodo, gives an archetypal still image by ERR News's Scott Abel a run for its money.