Interpol Warrant Issued for Briton in 2011 Death in Northeastern Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

A UK citizen faces prosecution for a death in Ida-Viru County three years ago and is belatedly now an international fugitive, after miscues and delays in Estonian officialdom, ETV reported.

Robert Timmins, a 62-year-old seaman, allegedly killed a neighbor in Kuremäe on July 13, 2011. Timmins maintains he intended only to threaten the man, 42-year-old Rain.

A criminal case was launched into what was classified as manslaughter.

Timmins was cooperative with investigators and was set free during the investigation. But authorities neglected to order him to remain in the country, according to the ETV investigative program Pealtnägija.

Last year, Timmins sold his farm and left Estonia, none of which was construed as flight.

But a Pealtnägija segment aired in April may have influenced the process, members of the victim's family told ETV. This summer, a circuit court reviewed the case and Timmins finally was referred to Interpol after 18 months of delay. He is wanted for manslaughter, unlawful handling of firearms or essential components thereof or ammunition, and driving in a state of intoxication.