Military Exercise Launched in Pskov Region ({{commentsTotal}})

Faint luminosity in the August night skies in the southeastern border regions is probably not the aurora orientalis or heat lightning. Russia has launched six-day-long war games in Pskov oblast to train its airborne units.


The exercises will occur in two stages: a landing on unknown terrain and a combat firing exercise, Pskovskaya Lenta Novostei news site reported.

Fifteen transport planes will drop 12 units of military equipment and around 3,000 airborne troops.

They will be supported by air power: over 30 Su-34, Ka-52, Mi-28, Mi-24, Mi-8 and Il-76 aircraft.

 The active phase will be August 14 and 15, when the troops will run through occupation and destruction of strategic targets.

The exercise will culminate with the combat firing drill, which will take place at day and night.

The exercise will be led by the chief of staff of the Russian Air Force, and Lt. Gen. Nikolai Ignatov, a hero of the Russian Federation and the first deputy commander of airborne troops.