Weather Cooler and Rainier Over the Week ({{commentsTotal}})

August, statistically the rainiest month in Estonia, is showing its true colors this week with more subdued weather.

As a look outside the window confirms as well, a low pressure system has moved into our area. Today will see scattered showers and more moderate temperatures, 21 to 26 C, and 15-20 at night. During showers the temperature may fall under 20 C.

More consolidated showers will sweep in on Tuesday might, and Wednesday will see more rain, with a stronger wind from the southwest. Temperatures will be 11-16 at night and 19-24 C by day.

But by Wednesday night, it should be raining only in a few places. While a new low pressure system will arrive on Thursday, it is not expected to be a very wet one. It should pull out on Friday, and the chance of rain will drop. Temperatures will stay about the same on Thursday on Friday and on into the weekend - 19-23 C.