Estonian Ambassador to Kyiv: Convoy Is Political ({{commentsTotal}})

Sulev Kannike.
Sulev Kannike. Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Before the latest reports of a new incursion by Russian armored vehicles into Ukraine, Estonia's ambassador in Kyiv spoke to ETV about the mysterious "humanitarian aid" convoy that has been progressing toward Ukraine in fits and starts.

The long line of Russian trucks said to be bringing humanitarian relief to eastern Ukraine is a "political project," not aid, said Estonian Ambassador Sulev Kannike on ETV last night.

Kannike said the picture was clearer than it was in past days, and would become even clearer today, Friday.

"First of all, the line of trucks is very close to the Ukrainian border. Second, the Red Cross committee has appointed its special representative to Kyiv, Laurent Corbaz, to negotiate on the fate of the convoy."

If the convoy continues moving toward the separatist-held positions, Kannike said, the "Red Cross will certainly not take responsibility for it and it is just a military convoy that crosses the border."

He said he had no doubt in ulterior motives. "It's undoubtedly a political project, not humanitarian aid. Whether there's a military aspect, it's too early to say. Again, if the Red Cross is willing to assume control, then it's clean."

Meanwhile, the hopes among the Ukrainian public right now, said Kannike, was that since a third wave of mobilization was recently carried out, is that "combat activity will soon cease and fathers and sons will come home."