Hard Decisions Ahead for Ukrainian Politicians, Says Political Scientist ({{commentsTotal}})

The Ukrainian economy is in a more complicated situation than before the conflict, which began partly due to economic reasons, says political scientist Viljar Veebel.

The conflict in eastern parts of Ukraine stems from political and economic mistakes made by the Ukrainian political elite, not resulting from unexpected accidents or Russian intervention, he told Eesti Päevaleht today.

The need for immediate aid after the conflict has calmed is apparent, as chances of political instability, separatism and Russian intervention will remain high, Veebel said.

Ukrainian politicians have shown they are incapable or unwilling to push through necessary reforms and history has shown that when the worst has passed, Ukraine will begin retracting from the West and seeking additional financing from the East, he said, adding that current politicians must decide if they are ready to give up income from energy transit and corrupt business.