Troitsky: Support for Putin Greater Among Estonian Russians Than in Russian Federation ({{commentsTotal}})

Ethnic Russians living in Estonia are less critical of President Vladimir Putin's leadership than Russians living in Russia, says Russian music critic, journalist and academic Artemy Troitsky.

Speaking at the Opinion Festival over the weekend, Troitsky said Putin's popularity is lowest in provincial Russia, where life is hardest.

Russian Estonians form their picture of Russia from TV channels such as PBK, NTV and Rossiya.

“I would like to reassure Estonians – the studies showing 88 percent support for Putin and 77 percent for intervention in Ukraine are false. The conception of the unbelievable hatred and aggressiveness of Russians is greatly exaggerated,” he said.

“It is odd that Estonia had no full-time local Russian-language TV channel,” Troitsky said, adding that a Europe-wide channel would be a waste of money and any such move would have to be local, covering not only EU, but also Estonia and Russia.