New Stipend for Specific Majors Fails to Inspire Students ({{commentsTotal}})

A new incentive of 160 euros per month for students opting to study certain subjects important to the economy has failed to boost interest.

The head of student recruitment at Tallinn University of Technology, Anne Urbla, told Postimees on Tuesday the new incentive has had little effect, especially on the MA level, adding that one problem was the short period of advertising, and the program could have more success next year.

Marge Kohtla, of the Estonian University of Life Sciences at Tartu, said only food technology has attracted greater interest compared to the previous year.

A total of 51 subjects fall under the program, with the state handing out 620 stipends of 160 euros per month for 10 months. Engineering, IT and technology are the main fields the supplemented by the program.