Former World Champion Convicted of Physical Abuse ({{commentsTotal}})

Harju County Court today found former javelin world champion Andrus Värnik guilty of multiple cases of causing physical abuse.

Värnik, 36, agreed to the charges and received a two-year and one-month suspended sentence, during which time the former athlete must participate in a social program and is not allowed to consume alcohol.

A spokesman for the prosecution told Postimees Värnik must also pay 6,100 euros as court costs and compensation.

As the court hearings took place behind closed doors, details of the case are unknown.

Värnik won a silver medal at the 2003 World Championships in Paris and went one better two years later in Helsinki. His career later plummeted and Värnik was apprehended repeatedly for traffic violations including a DUI in 2010, suffered health problems. Many promises to return to the sport remained unfilled due to health reasons or nerves.