Mikser: Time Is Now for New Round of Sanctions ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Defense Minister Sven Mikser says Russia is at war with Ukraine and that a new round of sanctions should be implemented.

"The Russian Federation is essentially fighting a undeclared war against an independent Ukraine with aim of changing Ukraine's current political system by force," Mikser said today.

Mikser condemned Russian military involvement in the Donetsk, Luhansk and Novoazovsk regions, the sending of troops to Ukrainian territory and the sending of weapons to separatists.

"Russia has sent tanks, armored vehicles and personell carriers, artillery, missile systems and other military equipment to Ukraine. A Russian forces strategic headquarters is active in the Novoazovsk region on Ukrainian territory,“ Mikser said, adding that recent events have confirmed Moscow's involvement in the crisis.

Mikser called for the international community to condemn Russian aggression and begin drawing up new sanctions.

He said the latest developments will be high on the agenda of US President Barack Obama's visit to Estonia and the NATO summit in Wales.