Weekend Pick: Night of Ancient Fires ({{commentsTotal}})

A tradition that was revived more than 20 years ago in both Finland and Estonia is back on August 30: bonfires will be lit on the coasts to hark back to the pre-medieval age of Vikings and seafarers, and the Finno-Ugric coastal peoples who provisioned them.

A larger celebration will take place at the Lennusadam port in Tallinn, with Liisi Koikson performing with her band and the historical comedy "Malev" screened - an Estonian-produced farce about the pre-Christian era. The events get going at 21:30.

The tradition will be observed all around the Baltic coasts, symbolizing unity of coastal and seafaring peoples and recalling the storied history.

"We call on all people lighting fires to use only wood, and not to leave any litter or anything else behind after the events," said Mairold Vaik ,an organizer. Use of fire lanterns and balloons and fireworks is strongly discouraged.