Raasuke Named Head of Supervisory Board at Eesti Energia ({{commentsTotal}})

Erkki Raasuke
Erkki Raasuke Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Erkki Raasuke, previously the head of the supervisory board at Estonia Air when the airline hit troubled waters in 2012, has taken up a new challenge at another state-owned company, this time the energy giant Eesti Energia.

The previous chairman, Jüri Käo, left in August along with another supervisory board member Meelis Atonen. Olari Taal has also resigned, but will leave once a replacement has been named.

Raasuke worked for Swedbank between 1994 and 2011, stopping at the Ministry of Economic Affairs for a few years, including Estonian Air. He moved to LHV in 2013, where he is a board member.

Eesti Energia recently announced a competition for the CEO spot, currently held by Sandor Liive, the highest-paid head of any state company. Eesti Energia has come under scrutiny by the new coalition, which said it will analyze the possibility of splitting up the company.