Obama Unlikely to Announce Dramatic News in Tallinn, Says Political Scientist ({{commentsTotal}})

Andres Kasekamp, a Tartu-based professor, says any major announced changes for the security situation in the Baltics are likely to be held over for the Wales summit tomorrow and Friday.

"We have a security guarantee from NATO, after all, and that pretty much says everything," he told ERR radio last night.

"I think the major decisions will be announced perhaps not here in Tallinn but in Wales. What we are most interested in is whether allied forces will be deployed in the Baltics or not. Currently it seems that the tendency is 'not,'" he said.

Kasekamp also mentioned what he said was the trend of second-term presidents turning their attention to foreign policy, which he said could be seen in the case of Bush and Clinton, among others.

"In general, the assessment of Obama's foreign policy is that it is a failure. So this would appear to be the last chance to salvage something," said Kasekamp, who is professor of Baltic politics at Tartu and director of the Foreign Policy Institute.