Vox Pop: Tallinners' Take on the Visit ({{commentsTotal}})

Stuart Garlick, special to ERR News, took the temperature outside the Bank of Estonia, where presidents Barack Obama and Toomas Hendrik Ilves were giving a press conference earlier in the day.

Riin, a member of the public standing outside: "it's always good when the president of a large nation visits a small nation. It's good we have done influence given what is happening in the world at the moment." She added that Obama's visit had gained importance since the crisis in Ukraine.

A teenage boy says, regarding the Ukraine situation: "I suppose there's a chance of something similar happening in Estonia, but who knows?"

Laetitia, an Italian student on Erasmus study in Tallinn: "I want to get to university but I can't, because everything is closed. I think it's good for Estonia that Obama is here. I don't think there's much chance of Russia invading, but I guess there's always a risk when you look at Ukraine."

Jaan, an elderly man: "I'm not much interested in Obama coming, but we're afraid of Russia, so we have to have help from America. I don't want too close links with America, but to avoid problems with Russia, we need help from America."