Tax Board Slams City for Mentality in Parking Lot Scam ({{commentsTotal}})

The head of the Tax and Customs Board, Marek Helm, said the city's comments on the parking lots scam revealed on ETV's Pealtnägija program Thursday - saying it is not their business to get involved - raises some troubling questions, and the board will take the matter seriously.

ETV revealed on Wednesday that a businessman close to the Center Party, which is in power in Tallinn's city hall, admitted to not paying social tax, after which Deputy Mayor Taavi Aas said it is not the city's problem.

More than half of income tax collected in Tallinn goes to the local government, meaning that Tallinn has lost income from the parking lot business described by ETV.

Juri Saharov, who has donated to the Center Party and given them free grounds to hold election events, offered an undercover ETV journalist a job, without a contract and paid in cash.

Helm said the Tax Board will take the matter seriously.