Obama Increased Investment Security, Says Samost ({{commentsTotal}})

Presidents Ilves and Barack Obama on Wednesday.
Presidents Ilves and Barack Obama on Wednesday. Source: (Courtesy of the Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia)

IRL politician Anvar Samost said Estonia's tax system may increase investments into the country, but a more decisive factor is security.

“The United States president, who could also be called the leader of the free world, came to Estonia and in front of the entire world gave the nation such strong security guarantees as to dispel any fears investors might have had in investing here,” Samost told ERR radio on Thursday.

Samost and representatives from other parties discussed possible tax system reforms after the 2015 national elections. Reform Party MP Aivar Sõerd said the IRL Party's proposed 500-euro tax-free cutoff does not have financial cover in the budget and would be too complicated.

Sõerd said Estonia needs more larger companies which would create more added value. Jobs created by these types of companies would not be low-paid, he said, adding that a tax system should not aim to create low-paying jobs.

Samost said it is a question of morals, saying Estonia has many people who are receiving a low income for hard work.