Tourism Industry: Summer Visitor Numbers Up ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallink began to give out shareholder dividends in 2013.
Tallink began to give out shareholder dividends in 2013. Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Tourism companies said more people visited Estonia this summer than a year ago, but the fall and winter numbers will depend on how the Ukraine-Russia conflict evolves.

The head of communication at the Port of Tallinn, Sirle Arro, said visitor numbers increased. “The reason may lie in that there were many interesting events, from the Song and Dance Festival, to pop concerts and a meeting of bikers.”

Interest from Asian nations, Turkey, Belarus and Moldova has increased this summer, said Kristen Lahtein, the head of the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association.

She said tourism in Estonia is still very Tallinn-focused, but visitors, especially from Russia, are discovering other places more and more, such the major islands and southern Estonia.

Ain Käpp, head of Tallinn Hotels, said tourist numbers have increased every year for the past four years, but this year's final numbers will depend on what is happening in Ukraine and the Russian economy.

Tourism bring in around 1.3 billion euros to the Estonian economy annually, of which 40-50 percent is earned during the summer season.