Morning Paper: Shades of Late 1930s, But Too Early for Undue Concern ({{commentsTotal}})

A Russian border marker in Piusa, Võru County
A Russian border marker in Piusa, Võru County Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The country's biggest daily Postimees devoted its editorial to the capture of an Estonian security police official at the Russian border, saying both that the incident had certain echoes but could not be positively linked to larger geopolitical developments.

The paper noted that in 1938 there had been kidnappings of fishermen and murders of Estonian border guards along the eastern lake border.

But it said that there were too few facts about the case, on the southeastern land border, to make any definitive statements. It noted that the efforts of the Internal Security Service and other officials so far seemed designed to de-emphasize that the case was related to espionage but rather to other areas in the agency's purview, such as combating smuggling and corruption.

The FSB's claims - that a wad of currency and a secret mission brief were supposedly found on Eston Kohver's person - were designed to leave the opposite impression, Postimees observed.