Estonian, Russian Border Guards to Meet Today, Discuss ISS Official Incident ({{commentsTotal}})

The representatives of Estonian and Russian border guards are due to meet today to discuss the incident involving abducted Estonian security service official Eston Kohver.

The official Estonian version is that Kohver was abducted on Estonian soil, very close to the Russian border at 9 a.m. on Friday, while investigating a smuggling case.

The Estonian border guard was alerted and arrived within minutes after the incident took place, in southeastern Estonia. Russian border guards were also notified and they also arrived to investigate.

Tarmo Kohv, the head of the police and border guard force's South Prefecture said the usual protocol is for representatives of both border guards to investigate the scene and verify that an incident took place, in this case the kidnapping of Kohver on Estonian soil. The Estonian authorities say that communication jamming equipment was used as well as a smoke grenade, and Kohver was threatened with a fire arm.

Assistant representatives of the two border guards both verified that an incident happened and top officials are due to meet today and could give a final approval to the document which mapped out the event, although Kohv said he is not sure the Russian side will sign.

ETV's cameramen traveled to southeastern Estonia to find the border post #121, an area inaccessible by most vehicles. Watch the video of the spot (from 0:28).