Border Guard Meeting on Kohver Ends Without Resolution ({{commentsTotal}})

A four-hour meeting of Estonian and Russian border guards on Monday ended without an agreement in the case of the abducted Estonian secret service official, despite an initial agreement on the day of the incident by Russian border authorities that the abduction did take place on Estonian territory.

An initial document was signed on Friday, which said a struggle took place on Estonian soil and Eston Kohver was forced over the border to Russia, but Russian officials argued over the details of that document.

Elmar Vaher, the chief of police, said border guard surveillance equipment was turned off at the location, in southeast Estonia, to allow the Internal Security Service to conduct an operation. ISS head Arnold Sinisalu saying that Kohver was collecting information about corruption on the border guard units.

Sinisalu said Kohver had met FSB officials on the border before.