Estonia, Kiribati Establish Diplomatic Relations; Only 12 Countries to Go ({{commentsTotal}})

Diversifying its diplomatic portfolio, Estonia has signed diplomatic relations with the tropical Pacific archipelago of Kiribati, total population 100,000.

The foreign ministry's undersecretary for development, Väino Reinart, and the president of Kiribati, Anote Tong, signed the document at a UN small islands forum held in Samoa.

Reinart said Estonia is seeking ways to help small developing island nations, especially in the field of online state services. Estonia supported the organization of the forum with 20,000 euros.

Tong said he is happy that Estonia and other EU nations are valuable partners in climate change talks.

He said an Estonian doctor worked on the island and expressed hope that Estonians in the future may also contribute to Kiribati's growth.

Estonia signed diplomatic relations with Vanuatu, the Marshall Islands and Palau - also in the Pacific Ocean - in 2013, and before that, Nauru.

Still to go: Bhutan, Swaziland, Togo, Tonga, North Korea, and a handful of Polynesian and Micronesian island states.