Mikser: EU Should Turn Up Heat on Russia ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Defense Minister Sven Mikser said Russia is using military pressure to force its own solution to Ukraine, and the EU must step up sanctions.

“A ceasefire is positive, but Europe must continue to exert strong pressure on Russia alongside political dialogue,” Mikser said at an unofficial meeting of EU defense ministers in Milan on Tuesday.

If Russia continues to deny its armed forces are involved in the conflict and the conflict escalates Russia's will to find a political solution can not be taken seriously, he said, adding that the EU and NATO must work as one, resolute, force.

“The security situation in Europe has dramatically shifted and that change is long-term, and for that reason the European Union needs a new security strategy,” he said.

The meeting focused on Ukraine and the creation of a joint quick reaction force in NATO, to which Estonia will contribute forces. The meeting will continue today.