African Swine Fever Found in Second Dead Boar ({{commentsTotal}})

Another wild pig that had succumbed to African swine fever has been found, this time in the Tarvastu parish in Viljandi County, west of Lake Võrtsjarv.

The health center in Viljandi confirmed the diagnosis in the wild boar. The first confirmed case of African swine fever in Estonia was found on September 2 in Valga Country.

Swine flu does not pose a risk to humans, but can cause extensive economic damage to the pig farming sector if the infection spreads.

Swine fever prevention activities started in Estonia years ago, when a virus infection was registered in the Leningrad Oblast of Russia. At the beginning of this year, the situation worsened and the disease broke through the border areas of Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia, infecting both wild and domestic pigs.

In July, the disease was found in Valka in Latvia near the Estonian border.

"Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time for the disease to reach here," said Veterinary and Food Board director general Ago Pärtel.