Helme: Government Too Soft on Russia ({{commentsTotal}})

Martin Helme
Martin Helme Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Martin Helme of the Conservative People's Party said that the government has been much too soft after the apparent abduction of a counterintelligence agent by Russia, and that it is acting as if it wants the problem to go away quietly.

Using language like "we are ruled by political midgets" and calling their approach a "softy PC tack" and "amateur hour," Helme wrote in the piece in Delfi that Interior Minister Hanno Pevkur "has not shown the slightest signal from any cell in his body that he understands that we are dealing with an enemy who has already painfully struck us and humiliated us and intends to do so again. On the contrary, Pevkur is content that 'the interministerial dialogue has been constructive.'"

But, he says, "in spite of our government's affirming otherwise, Estonia is in a security crisis and deepening opposition with Russia, which has the most direct possible impact on all of our lives."

"So no one could say that I am just criticizing without a solution," Helme writes, "this would be our party's operational plan. Physical guarding of the border with an armed border guard must be restored as rapidly as possible, a clear corridor with spotlights and observation equipment must be constructed along the border, barbed wire has to be rolled out. Larger reserve exercises have to be organized, keeping our Defense Forces visible and present in northeastern and southeastern Estonia. And a diplomatic offensive must be mounted in Western capitals to pressure Russia to release [Eston] Kohver."